APPEC Coupons

Here we explain how to redeem and change coupons in APPEC.

Redeem coupon

To redeem a coupon, log in to your APPEC account or create a new account.
Then switch to Settings in the menu. There, enter the necessary account information and choose a package. If you have already subscribed to a package, you may leave these settings.
Under “coupon” you then enter the coupon code. While doing that, you also have to specify a payment method. With a click on the button "Save" the data and the validity of the coupon are being verified. If all data is correct, a message will appear, informing you that the settings need to be verified by the APPEC support team. We will verify the data as soon as possible and adjust the subscription. If there is a problem, we will contact you via email. Once all the settings have been verified, you will receive a confirmation mail. 
You will then find the information from the coupon in the settings.

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Change coupon

If you want to redeem another coupon, you can click on the "Change/Remove coupon" button under the coupon’s information. Then confirm that you want to remove the coupon and you can redeem another coupon code.

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Information about the coupons

  • Certain coupons can only be redeemed on the first subscription, if you have already started a subscription, the voucher will not be valid.
  • If a coupon expires, you will be charged the normal amount of the package.
  • Certain coupons can only be redeemed for certain packages.
  • Only 1 coupon can be redeemed at a time.