What is RFID?

The RFID technology uses electromagnetic waves for a unique identification. The RFID tags can store information that can be easily accessed by a RFID-reader. Each tag has a unique serial number, the so-called UUID. APPEC extracts this UUID and saves it as an ID for an article. This allows articles to be found quickly without having to type in the serial number.

What is NFC?

NFC is based on RFID protocols and is a coupling method for RFID. Since APPEC reads the UUID and doesn’t communicate directly with the tags, it is referred to as RFID.

LF, HF, and UHF

RFID tag operates in different frequency ranges:

LF = 125 kHz, 134,2 kHz
HF = 13,56 MHz
UHF = 860 - 890 MHz

The most common frequency is HF. It can be read with any mobile phone that has an integrated NFC scanner.
For the other two frequencies, an RFID reader is required.


We recommend working in the HF frequency range, so that you can read the tags with an RFID-compatible mobile phone. Almost all newer Android devices have an RFID scanner. In the case of iOS devices, all devices from iPhone 7 onwards have an RFID scanner; unfortunately, the iPad does not. However, since some PPE manufacturers, who already integrate tags into their articles, work with other frequencies, we have tested various devices. Therefore, we recommend using devices that support an HID Bluetooth connection. HID stands for Human Interface Device and means that the reader works like a keyboard. You can connect HID devices to any terminal device, no matter if it’s a smartphone or a PC. The UUID extracted from the reader is inserted at the position where the cursor is placed.

Tectus MultiPEN 4030

The MultiPEN is an RFID reader that enables UIDs to be read in all three frequency ranges (LF, HF, UHF). The MultiPEN transmits UIDs read through a HID connection, to a terminal device via Bluetooth. The reader has a long battery life and is IP64 certified. There is also an Ex-proof version of this type.

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Microsensys RFID iID® PENsolid

There are two different versions of the PENsolid. The one that only works in the HF frequency range and the one that only works in the UHF frequency range. The PENsolid enables the UIDs read using a HID connection, to be transmitted to a terminal device via Bluetooth.

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microsensys rfid pen